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Salming Enroute Running Shoe Women

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 EnRoute to a natural running stride

The development process of the EnRoute has been based on Salmings Natural Running Support System™ which facilitates for every runner to find and stay in their natural running stride. We’ve been aiming for an icon – a Salming Running shoe that would stand the test of time, a shoe that you could run in no matter what foot
strike or running form.

The NRSS™ is a complex system where all parts are integrated and work together to give the perfect end result. It starts with Torsion Guidance System 62/75° (TGS62/75°) – the distance from heel to the ball of foot (62% of the shoe) has been designed to offer an optimised rear foot stability, which ends up in a so called “ballet” line, a 75° angle. Infront of the 75° line, we have designed the shoe with deep grooves to enable greater flexibility to stimulate the foots natural
movements. The forefoot flex is tailored to facilitate for the runner to create a pre-tension in the foot before foot landing. The TGS 62/75° technology assures that the shoe bends in exactly the right places.
Important ingredients of the the NRSS™ system are the raised rear foot midsole walls, deeper midsole grooves, an anatomical interior heel cup and last but not least – an exterior Torsion Efficiency Unit™. Combined, all these properties provides the basis of the NRSS™ shoe stability and support.

The upper has been designed to merge with the above mentioned support and stability properties, creating one solid responsive and supportive unit. The design thinking of the upper is a Wrap Around Design concept, existing of four different units coming together to create that snug comfortable first feel with great breathability and fit. The fully integrated ExoSkeleton™ is a part of the lacing construction and keeps the foot in place. The tongue has a gusset design which
is a part of the 3 layer upper construction that consists of the big soft air mesh next to the foot, the 2nd layer being the ExoSkeleton™ and to seal it all off – the thin net mesh.

The cushioning properties of EnRoute spells Recoil™ and Recoil R™ – combined they deliver the perfect mix of shock absorbing and a highly responsive and light feel.

If there is a shoe for everyone – EnRoute is it!